Ubiq is with Bioware

It seems that Ubiq isn’t going to miss Shadowbane:

Back to the pixel mines I go. Today is my first day as the Lead Combat Designer for Bioware Austin.

In the jobs page at Bioware it is interesting to notice one of the “skill sets” recommended:

Familiarity with fantasy role-playing games is a must.

From SirBruce (attendible or not):

In a surprising statement at E3, Rich Vogel says they are aiming for 1 million subscribers, with 200K – 400K being at the minimum of what would be considered successful. This should give us an indication of the potential scope of this game and the resources BioWare is committing to it.

It seems also that the game will have a focus on the “story” (also confirmed by this request), which doesn’t really appeal me since I’m waiting for more interaction, PvP and sandbox-types of games more than content-driven.

This is all I’ve gathered till now. Only one thing is sure, we won’t see much for at least another couple of years:

BioWare, like Blizzard, does not rush things.

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