Stuttering problems in Doom 3 based games

While looking around for the performance trick in Oblivion I discovered another one for both Doom 3 and Quake 4 (and probably the upcoming Prey).

Even if the framerate is absolutely smooth there is always a regular mini stutter every second or so. If you strafe and look closely at the walls you can notice there’s a constant, small hiccup. It seems that this stutter is there for everyone, with every configuration, but the majority of the players just don’t notice it at all. Instead I always found it incredibly annoying because the more the movement is fluid the more the stutter is noticeable.

There’s a simple fix that seem to get rid of the stutter completely, it doesn’t seem to have any other side-effect or impact on the framerate. You just need to pull down the game console while in the game and write -> com_precisetic 0

Alternatively you can put the following line in the AutoExec.cfg file (in the q3base/q4base dir depending if you play Doom or Quake 4):
seta com_precisetic “0”

The details about this command can be found here. From what I understand it just makes the game have less control on the input and sound processes but in my tests I didn’t see this having a noticeable negative impact, while it surely gets rid of the stutters and makes the game much more pleasant.

Just give it a try. I love the Doom 3 render. The design of that game may suck, but technically it is awesome (and immersive). I can’t wait for Prey.

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