If you are in Austin

Since Austin is the new center of the world: next thursday the Gomez will play at the South by Southwest Festival. I don’t know what it is but this band is a guarantee.

Thursday 3/16 (full band performance)
South by Southwest
Austin, TX

Thursday, March 16 midnight
Stubb’s (801 Red River St)

This is the most awesome pure music talent on earth since The Beatles so, if you can, you shouldn’t miss to see them live. It’s something special. The only problem being that the show looks already “sold out”.

A new album is ready to be released at the beginning of May, the title is “How We Operate” and should be out for ATO Records (the Dave Matthews Band label). After some lurking on the internet I was able to find two preview songs. The quality is crappy but it’s better than nothing:

See the World

Two really charming, melodic songs. Catchy. I’m glad to see the band going back to their origin after all sort of crazy experimentation that obscured a bit the beautiful simplicity of what they can do. From two songs you really cannot have a good idea of what they can do since they cross every genre and style and master all of them equally. If you can see the live just don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it.

I still have another sample from a previous post if you are interested.

Oh, oh.. And the South by Southwest site has a preview song, one of the best, from the Out West live album (the song is “Get Myself Arrested” originally in the first and greatest album: “Bring It On”). Direct linkage. Get it because it’s awesome.

Band official website

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