More Warhammer goodies

After the ramblings of a few hours ago more Warhammer goodies have landed through this month’s newsletter. I’m not subscribed to it but I can read the forums.

Here’s what we have:

A teaser video with the cinematic of an orc running for a few meters toward a catapult. Very, very inspiring even if it’s just a matter of a few seconds. The running animation of the orc is exactly how I imagined it would move by watching the model, I hope they retain the style of the animation. Don’t bother watching it past the 50% since the rest is just about scribbles. (This CG movie was done by the Blur Studio, who also did the cinematics for Relic’s “Dawn of War”, EverQuest 2, Hellgate: London and a bunch of others)

Some lore and concept art from a zone named Ekrund. What is interesting is that this is described as a PvE zone for both dwarfs and orc/goblins, so as a mix of PvE and PvP if the descriptions are correct. From other claims in the past newsletters it seems that the “war” between the races won’t be an element reserved just to the endgame, with the PvE working as a long tutorial, but a cohesive part of the game since the beginning. This could mean that Mythic could move away from the model of distinct PvE and RvR to use the PvE part as a “glue” and context for the ongoing war. Maybe with contested newbie zones? If there’s some truth this may reveal to be a much more interesting and innovative game than what I expected.

Video diaries showing interesting bits like some animations and brief clips from the game.

– Two more concept art pieces. An orc siege tower and a dwarf pub. Both quite inspired and original.

– A list of the playable races: Empire/Human, High Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs, Goblins, Chaos/Human. Seven? And how they will be matched for RvR? Three vs three with orcs and goblins considered as one?

EDIT: More stuff I missed here.

The best praises to the logo:

It works both as a symbol and a brand, it looks like Quake logo with the W-A-R letter forming a skull at the center. Really catchy, I like.

I also noticed that Warhammer has a “lead designer” (Steve Marvin). What a surprise. DAoC never had a proper lead designer if not through recycled positions. This guy is relatively new and never worked on DAoC, it will be interesting to see how the project develops. I really cannot believe they finally hired a designer. What a new concept for Mythic.

Warhammer seems to have some aces up its sleeve. Which still doesn’t mean I want to like it.

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