SOE acknowledges the issues with the european version of “KoS”

While both Smed and Scott Hartsman confirmed my previous rants through mails and PMs, the official announce also arrived on the boards:

European Distribution of KoS

We’ve been made aware of an issue with the European distribution of Kingdom of Sky that can cause our European customers to experience lengthy download times as a result of missing files on the disc. As such, we will be granting customers who purchased the European distribution of KoS an extra week of free game time after registering a Kingdom of Sky key. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

See? I wasn’t crazy.

As far as I’m concerned this is no biggie and I hold no grudge. I usually can suffer more or less temporary technical issues. It was just a bad surprise because I ordered the boxed version with the sole reason to avoid the download.

You know, I even thought this was another new “smart” idea. Slap in the expansion code with empty expansion files on the install DVDs so that the box could go in production right away without waiting for the development to be finalized. With all the recent discussions about unfinished expansions it started to look as a plausible scenario.

Instead it was just a mistake. At least.

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