This is a post I snag from F13 as a reply to the thread that I also copied here.

It’s not really a problem of good or bad friends. The point is that the game isn’t going to encourage a friendship. If anything friendships can BREAK thanks to these games. I think we could add this to the list of the lessons that mmorpgs are teaching today :)

If I started up a character now and hit 60 in WoW in 20 days I wouldn’t be at the max level. I mean, I’d be 60, but there are other “level 60” people who are 5x more powerful than my new character.

I’d have to camp some fuckiing shithole for 6 months with 39 other faggots before I’d be “max level”.

When I hit 60 early on in WoW, my best friend from high school started up. By the time he hit 60, a month or so later, and wanted to do UBRS and Scholo, that was the last thing that I wanted to do. Even for a person I’ve known for decades. Random people don’t have a chance.

It takes a special person, special DURRRRRR or SPECIAL special that’s got 5-6 purple items to run with a group of strangers through UBRS. Or get attuned for MC.

One guy I know through IRC (I have screenshots of me killing him in UO beta, old ‘enemy’ I guess) started just 3 weeks behind his clan and he tried for a week to get people to help him get attuned. These are people that he’s been gaming with since UO.

He quit in frustration because everyone was busy chasing the shiny and nobody wanted to help kill dragons.

ANYWAYS, tangents. Further tangent, it’ll be sad to see all the level 60 raid content go 100% wasted as soon as the expansion comes out and the shiny is pushed 10 or 15 levels further. You’ll see people botting in Azshara instead of doing Stratholme.

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