WoW: news tidbits after the “stirring waters”

I was writing some comments on what Tigole wrote after all the bitching of the past days when Lum posted his thing that dragged me in a whole different direction (but an occasion to mark the points).

So back to the bitching now. I defined what Tigole wrote as “PR fluff”.

When he’ll have something to add to the discussion or even willingly to have it, I’ll consider what he has to say. Or what he has to show when the patch notes are up.

Till then, this is the summary of his (void):

It’s not an argument as simple as “hardcore versus casual” – it goes way beyond that.

It goes beyond that. But of course he refuses to say what it is.

I think it also needs to be mentioned, that players need to keep in mind that by railing against content that you don’t personally enjoy – whether it be raids, casual content or PvP – it won’t improve anything.

And that’s the whole point that he is totally missing (and that his design will probably fail to address if it reflects his words).

If you want to play this game and don’t want be left out of the community or your friends. YOU HAVE to adapt. It’s not a choice.

This is what the players are complaining about. Not that there are distinct options available. But that they are strongarmed into a direction that they don’t like. So they bitch because they would like the game to steer away from that mandatory progression.

It’s about the accessibility and REQUIREMENTS for that content. Set by the design. DEPENDENCIES. Commitment. They *forced* the players in that direction.

The increased requirements to access content. The need to “catch up” or “put up with”. The game CREATED these requirements and is responsible for putting many smaller guilds (and players) out of business.

The main point is that Tigole is acknowledging the wrong problem, while he is totally ignoring where the real issue is. Which brings me to a comment from Megyn that I steal from Lum:

Man, and I remember when it was just rants about the ongoings of UO and Great Lakes :) I’ve always understood the plight of all sides of this argument. Unfortunately, I think developers always pick one of the sides and cater exclusively to that one. Blizzard knew this was going to happen in beta. Because several developers astutely observed “we’re out of stuff to do,” which was preceeded by the testers levelling through the whole game three times and saying the same thing. They won’t fix it because I don’t think they know how.

That or they’ll build a money boat and sail to a money island and forget about this world of warcraft thing.

Tigole’s defence didn’t end with that “letter” and inflated “declaration of intent”, but he went on revealing some details about the next patch. The next patch is the 1.10. The next patch is also the one that the CMs tirelessly repeated IT’S NOT the one where the new “casual” armor sets will go in.

I guess things can change quickly ;)

We’ve been hard at work at Patch 1.10 and I’m excited to bring you a small sneak preview of some of the content. We’ll be offering a series of quests for maximum level players so they can obtain a really good, class-specific armor set. This should prove to be a great way for non-raiding players to upgrade their gear. Here are some highlights:

• Characters follow a new quest line to obtain an armor set
• The armor sets contain 4 rare and 4 epic pieces
• Some of the pieces can be obtained by soloing (including one of the epic pieces)
• The most difficult pieces to obtain require a UBRS level group
• We are adding new bosses to existing dungeons
• Some of the existing dungeons are being re-itemized

Now, some of these points aren’t bad. The last two in fact are good decisions and I surely support that approach (add more meat to the spaces we already have, add more quests for the same dungeons and so on – previously linked).

We still have to see if “some of the pieces can be obtained by soloing” actually translates into “some of the pieces can be obtained by farming“. Because that’s the whole point that is worth discussing. Whether this content is desirable or not (both journey and destination).

And we still have to see how “really good, class-specific armor set” actually translates, compared with the rest of the gear in the game. Where it will be “positioned”. Because “gear” here is a systemic relationship where the value is defined by the relation and relative position of a loot piece within the whole system. If the whole system shifts, even the value of the single loot piece does the same. Which concretely means that “really good” is subject to change.

So we got some informations but not much really worth commenting. We know that they are being lazy (reusing the same dungeons) and that they’ll add some content. But we still don’t know if this will help the current situation or not. Because I still have the suspect that they are addressing the wrong problem.

EDIT: 1UP has already some images of the stats of these armor pieces. Starting from here.

We’ll do everything in our power to make sure that we can deliver content for everyone, not just a select few.

Oh yeah. In fact they have right now the artists working on two new boar models and four worm models. Just for you casuals!!!

While the catasses get the flying city, of course :) And dragons, demons, new tiers of the skills, new powers…

Beside all this I spotted a comment from Caydiem that made me really happy and still about the upcoming patch:

(about weather effects)
I believe they’re currently still slated for 1.10.

They do look awesome, and for what it’s worth, I haven’t noticed any significant slowdown in performance when they were on.

Wow! Finally! I’m happy!

Well… at least till I scrolled down to discover another message that killed my enthusiasm:

Of course, the option will be there to turn them off if you dislike them or you find they’re causing you issues, but performance is definitely something the developers kept in mind when creating the effects.


Turn the weather effects off …?

Okay, so why not let everyone turn off the terrain, the buildings so you can more easily see through them? Why not making everyone feely port everywhere? Why not letting them turn off the spell effects, or set a custom time of the day so you can play during the day or at night all the time? Why not removing the hills and valleys? Why not removing the trees and other barriers so that you can walk in a straight line?

There’s only one thing that you can screw in the design of weather effects: giving the players the possibility to “turn them off”.

Blizzard managed to do even this. How lame.

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